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The app that can make your home ownership dream into reality.

We want to create a better world ‘with you’ by making the process of ‘owning a home’ a real possibility through apt mortgages whilst turning renters into buyers, spenders into savers and dreams into reality.

We know you're determined to take financial control in your life… all we ask is help us empower you by signing up. You will be notified as soon as the app is available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.


About Us

The path to home ownership has become riddled with undecipherable complexities, long waiting periods, and a process that's intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. 

We want to do more than treat the symptoms of this financial landscape. We want to innovate, disrupt and frankly, we want to make the world a better place. 

We believe that every journey needs a hero and the hero in our story is you.

If you would like to learn more about our mission and values, visit us at the BlackArrow Financial Solutions website.

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What you get with afford IQ

Finance clarity

Get complete, real time visibility on your finances at all time. We have cut out the bank jargon and simplified your financial journey.

Financial advice

Get simple steps to get you on the property ladder with your first mortgage and expert advice, custom-built for you, in conjunction with our Intermediary partners.

Deposit goal setting

Set achievable goals for your deposit with immediate access to your savings.

Property availability

Search for available properties, based on your preferred area and set goals.

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