The barriers to home ownership have never been higher, but with a little help and planning they are not impossible to overcome. With affordIQ and help from our AI friend Alfie, you can Own Your Finances, Own Your Future and Own Your Home.

Join our beta mission and together we'll change the path to home ownership for our generation and the next.

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In order to get where you want, you need to know where you are.

AffordIQ uses a third party provider called TrueLayer to Link all your bank accounts held across multiple institutions.

Our AI friend Alfie categorises all your transactions, across all accounts, giving you a complete picture of your spending, savings and income.

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Once you know where your are, you can see where you are heading.


Powered by Zoopla, affordIQ allows you to search for homes you can afford today and in the future. Choose where and when you want to buy and set a budget to get there.


With your future in sight, bend it in the direction you want. Set budget goals to reduce your spending and maximise your savings.


Alfie will track your progress notifying you when you are overspending and are at risk of breaking your budget.

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Then when it is time to buy we will refer you to an MAB mortgage adviser who will ask you some questions and provide an Agreement in Principle (AIP) confirming the maximum mortgage value you can afford. You can then use your AIP when making offers on a home.


Once an offer is accepted your advisor will find the right mortgage for you. Saving you money, time and stress as they walk you through the application process.

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We're calling for heroes to join the affordIQ Beta mission. Help us bend the future towards a different reality. Together let's change the path to home ownership for our generation and the next.

If you're looking to buy your first home, join the affordIQ Beta mission and be one of the first to use our new and powerful technology. See into your future and bend it in the direction you want. See where you are heading right now and where you can be if you change how you spend.


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